Château La Commanderie Pomerol

the legend of la commanderie

Following the footsteps of the Templars, embark on a journey to discover the incredible story of Château La Commanderie and its Knight, guardian of this mystical place.

Our guardians

Come and discover the history of La Commanderie and follow the adventures of these characters from another era who, year after year, will unveil to you the secrets of the vintage they are the guardians of.

In the twists and turns of time, in the bygone 12th century, the captivating tale of Château La Commanderie is woven. Once, the knights of the Order of the Hospitallers settled in these lands of Pomerol. Their noble purpose: to watch over the pilgrims who journeyed to Santiago de Compostela, protecting and nourishing them. Today, only a few markers, marked with the eternal cross of the Templars, serve as a reminder of the existence of this vanished Order. The knights themselves, like fleeting shadows, carried away their secrets, leaving behind a veil of mystery. Yet, hidden amidst the vineyards of Château La Commanderie, a knight persisted. He slumbered, immersed in a profound rest. And on a frosty winter night, two visitors from afar, drawn to admire the peaceful beauty of the surroundings, came to disturb his rest.


The young couple instantly fell in love with the estate, vowing to restore its former glory, steeped in history. Their boundless energy and ambition for the Château awakened the soul of the Knight. Thus, he rediscovered his purpose, a quest to pursue, that of excellence. Thus, he rediscovered his raison d’être, a quest to pursue, that of excellence. The unwavering guardians of La Commanderie, men and women devoted to preserving the exceptional quality of these wines, rallied together, propelled by the indomitable spirit of the Knight of La Commanderie.

vin château la commanderie pomerol

unique experience

In their pursuit of beauty and perfection, noble battles were waged, aiming to scale the peaks of excellence. These triumphs revealed an extraordinary place, born from the encounter of these youthful, visionary, and impassioned travelers with the exceptional terroir of Pomerol. Following in the footsteps of the guardians of the commandery and their gallant knight, this pursuit of excellence takes you on a journey along the ancient Silk Road to the Middle Kingdom, a land of fiery creatures, precious textiles, and intertwined characters.

Because the pleasure of the senses knows no boundaries, Château La Commanderie invites you to embark on unique experiences. Its wines are a work of art crafted year after year by the land and climate, and sublimated by passionate individuals. A precious and delicate nectar in a glass case. Each vintage tells a story, and every glass evokes an emotion.

Château La Commanderie
4 chemin de la Commanderie, 33500 Pomerol, France

Château La Commanderie
4 chemin de la Commanderie, 33500 Pomerol, France